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|  14 July 2020
Bastille Day 2020: French National Holiday (›Fête Nationale‹) in honour of the French Revolution and the storming of the Bastille on 14 July 1789.
Traditional fireworks near the Eiffel Tower from approx. 23:00 till 23:30.
|  31 July  –  2 August 2020
Paris Summer Cup 2020: official tennis tournament sanctioned by the GLTA, the worldwide Gay and Lesbian Tennis Alliance.
@ Paris Jean Bouin Tennis (9 Avenue de la Porte Molitor )
|  20 September 2020
Tour de France 2020: arrival of the renowned annual bicycle race in Paris.
@ Champs-Élysées
|  2  –  11 October 2020
Queer Week 2020: workshops, discussions, performances, stand-up comedy, queer zine fair, parties and more.
|  22  –  25 October 2020
FIAC 2020: annual international contemporary art fair with about 200 galleries and 2000 artists.
@ Grand Palais (Av. Général Eisenhower/Av. Winston Churchill)
|  21  –  23 May 2021
Tournoi International de Paris 2021: annual international sports tournament for gays, lesbians and friends with more than 2000 participants in about 30 sport disciplines.

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Paris 75003
Metro: Arts et Métiers

About Paris and its gay life

man visiting inner-city district of Paris

Paris is certainly one of the top 3 travel destinations in Europe, and for the author of these lines it is the most beautiful one. Considering how many wonderful cities in Europe had been destroyed in the last war and didn't gain their former beauty and fame, yet, after 70 years, Paris is truly a treasure and miracle.

You could stay in Paris for months or visit Paris again and again, and you would still see other beautiful and interesting spots if you explore the city with curiosity and open eyes. Just stroll around a bit and do not only follow the routes in your travel guide book.

If you come to Paris not only to visit the Louvre and other sights but wanna dive into the Parisian life, then try to avoid August. Many Parisians take their long vacations in August and some companies are even completely closed. In the gay scene even the most popular gay clubs and bars won't be very crowded or will be empty or closed.

The gay center of Paris is the Marais, an old district in the 4th arrondissement of Paris with adorable, narrow streets breathing centuries-old history. You'll find a lot of gay bars, cafes and shops here, as well as plenty of gay-friendly restaurants, most of them quite close to each other, creating a bit of a ghetto atmosphere.

Gay Parisians can be a bit difficult when it comes to flirting. If you dare to show your interest to somebody in a direct way, you could easily be seen as too needy, too easy or too cheap. Our two euro cents of advice: don't waste your time with behaviour research to understand the rituals and peculiarities of flirting in the gay scene of Paris. Just do it your own way and don't take the Parisian rudeness personally.

Besides, it is often said that Parisian guys come and stick in groups. Exploring Paris with friends can really make a difference, both at day and at night.

The annual gay highlight in the French capital is the Paris Gay Pride in summer, called ›Marche des Fiertés LGBT‹ in France.