Bilbao Gay Travel Guide & Map 2021

Upcoming Events in Bilbao

|  1 – 14 March 2021
Zinegoak 2021: the 18th edition of Bilbao's anual international LGBT film and performing arts festival.
|  8 – 10 July 2021
Bilbao BBK Live 2021: big annual Rock and Pop music festival and one of the best of its kind in Spain. Amongst others with the Pet Shop Boys.
@ Kobeta Mendi (Monte Cobetas)
|  21 – 29 August 2021
Aste Nagusia 2021: the Great Week of Bilbao with nine days of concerts, performances, fireworks, contests and many other activities in the Old Town (Casco Viejo) and other quarters of Bilbao.

Accommodation Tips for Bilbao

Hotel. ****, from 65 €
Uber-modern design hotel in the Old Town of Bilbao.
English, German, Spanish and Basque speaking staff at the front desk.
Raving guest reviews.
@ Erribera Kalea 13 (Calle de la Ribera)
Bilbao 48005
Metro: Zazpikaleak/Casco Viejo