Advertising on Patroc

Patroc is visited mostly by guys who are searching for information on where to stay, what to do and where to go out at their travel destination. By advertising on Patroc you can lead them to your website with further information or you can increase the brand awareness of your business.

According to your needs we can place your graphical banner ad on our pages for specific destinations and/or specific categories (such as bars, clubs, restaurants).

Please note that we don't sell text links for the purpose of SEO. Advertising on our site is possible only with graphical banner ads.

Please also note that entries in our lists of hotels, bars, clubs, shops etc. are not for sale and are fully independent from any advertising. (More on how to get listed on our Contact page.)

If you are interested in banner advertising on Patroc, please contact us at and
- send us the file of your graphical banner ad and
- specify on which page(s) on our site you wish to place your ad
- and for how many months (or for which period of time).

Banner ad formats

  • vertical: Skyscraper format (width 140 px, height 600 px),
    placed at the top right of the selected page(s). (Example)
    This ad format and position is highly visible on screens of desktop PCs and tablets, while on mobile devices it may not be visible without horizontal scrolling. Hence, this ad format is better suited if you want to approach readers while making travel preparations.
  • horizontal: Leaderboard format (width 728 px, height 170 px),
    placed at the top of the selected page(s). (Example)
    This ad banner stays visible at the top of the browser when readers are scrolling down the page. Thus, this ad format is well suited if you target mobile users, especially travellers or locals looking up information before or while going out.
  • In the interest of our readers and advertisers we display not more than one advertising banner per page.

    We accept animated banners if the animation is slow and user-friendly (with intervals of at least 5 seconds).

    Advertising Rates 2021

    The rates in the table below are per month and page (plus 21% VAT/IVA, if applicable).
    The Spanish and German versions of a page on and are included in the rates.

    We kindly ask for a minimum of 120 € for advertising booking, due in advance.

      destination start page category page
    (bars, clubs etc., except hotels page)
      Skyscraper only Leaderboard Skyscraper
    Barcelona, Berlin, London, Paris 40 € 40 € 20 €
    Amsterdam, Gran Canaria, Madrid, Rome 30 € 30 € 15 €
    Brussels, Budapest, Cologne, Lisbon, Milan, Munich, Prague, Vienna 20 € 20 € 10 €
    any other destination 15 € 15 € 10 €