About Patroc

Patroc provides travel information for gay men who like to explore other countries, curious about their people, culture and life.

Our site features gay guides and maps for more than 30 destinations in Europe, from gay hotspots like Berlin and Barcelona to lesser-known destinations like Naples and Bilbao.

We are committed to be as accurate and up-to-date as possible, but not as complete as possible. This site is for travellers with limited time, thus, we may have to leave off some venues and events.

Patroc is available in various languages: English (patroc.com), Spanish (patroc.com/guiagay/europa) and German (patroc.de/gay/europa).

How you can support Patroc

As a free website we highly appreciate your support. You can help us to keep the website running and to regularly update its information with a link from your website or blog, with postings in social media or with a small donation (by PayPal to don@patroc.com). Thank you very much!

What readers say about Patroc

›I've been using Patroc.com for the last 5 years since moving to Europe and it has been my go-to gay travel guide ever since discovering it. Thanks for making it so easy and available to travelers looking to explore the LGBT scene in great cities all around Europe!‹
Jordan Patrick, June 2020 (You can follow Jordan's video blog Califo.Ricain on Youtube, incl. this video about using Patroc.com for traveling Europe (in French, with optional subtitles in English)

›This is the 4th year I'm planning a European vacation inspired by your website and its easy-to-use listings. Munich, Stockholm, Berlin, Paris, Vienna, Copenhagen, London, Zurich are all cities I've recently visited thanks to your guidance.
Thank you Thank you Thank you! Please keep up the great work. Looking forward to seeing you add more cities!‹
Mark from New York, September 2018

›I just found your site by pure chance. It is one of the best sites (not just gay sites, mind you) as it is brilliantly simple yet comprehensive, well designed, a minimum of clicks, easy to use, inviting, and whatever other positive attributes one can think of. Keep up the fabulous work!‹
Paul from London, May 2015

›First of all, I would like to congratulate you on your fantastic no-nonsense site that I use all the time because I do travel a lot. I sincerely hope that you will go on updating the site and keeping on the great job!‹
O. from Paris, April 2009

›Hey, wanted to thank you for a great site. Rare to find a site with accurate, honest information. Congratulations!‹
Bob from New York, July 2008

›Came across patroc.com when checking out which gay spots to hit during my recent travels to Europe. I must say that I like your website! There are so many gay guides online (hipper-looking ones at that), but they are either rather gimmicky with lots of frills, take a long time to load or are simple outdated. Yours is a comprehensive list of gay places to hit while travelling, yet simple and user friendly. What also strikes me is the list of cities available - very different mix of cities. I like it that I can find cities like Dresden and Granada along side the mainstreams like Berlin and Amsterdam. Now, if only you could include a few other cities that would make your website even better. Hope to see more cities soon!‹
B. from Singapore, December 2008

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