Naples Gay Travel Guide & Map 2021

Upcoming Events in Naples

|  3 May – 29 August 2021
Frida Kahlo: new photo and multimedia exhibition about Mexico's best-known and most popular artist, entitled ›Ojos que no ven corazón que no siente‹ (Eyes that do not see heart that does not feel).
@ Palazzo delle Arti di Napoli (PAN) (Via dei Mille 60)
|  3 July 2021
Naples Gay Pride 2021: 25 years after the first gay pride manifestation in Naples and in the south of Italy, in 1996.
|  22 – 25 April 2022
Comicon 2022: annual international event in Naples, Italy, for fans of comics, cartoons and video games.
@ Mostra d'Oltremare (Viale John Fitzgerald Kennedy)

Accommodation Tip

Hotel. ***, from 70 €
Modern hotel in the historic center of Naples. Contemporary design, professional service and very clean and secure.
Located only a few metres from Piazza Bellini, with several restaurants, pizzerias, antiquarian bookstores, galleries and shops for musical instuments and antiques around. By day you can rest and enjoy the sun at the street cafes on the piazza, while at night you can dive into the street life of Naples for which Piazza Bellini is a major hotspot.
@ Via Santa Maria di Costantinopoli 101
Naples 80134
Metro: Dante, Museo

About Naples

Naples' Councillor for Culture and Tourism described her city quite accurately with these words: ›Naples is a city difficult to read, which does not offer itself to tourists through conventional codes. However, its marvels, together with the hospitality of its people, never fail to fascinate visitors.‹

Mainstream medias often associate Italy's third biggest city primarily with the mafia and waste disposal problems. And indeed, many tourists initially are shocked by the dirt, decay and noise in Naples. Comfortable, well-trodden tourist paths for sight-hopping are rare. But if you are adventurous enough and open for the unusual you will discover a city with quite a few surprises.

To mention but a few examples of what curious visitors can see and explore in Naples: The historic center, listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, with its narrow alleys and morbid charm. Piazza Bellini, by day a quiet square with cafes to relax from the hustle and bustle in the nearby Via dei Tribunali, at night a popular hangout of young Neapolitans. One of the most important archaeological museums in the world. Stylish small bars in the trendy nightlife area of the Chiaia quarter. The panoramic view of the Bay of Naples and the Vesuv from Castel Sant'Elmo. Fascinating cultured landscapes such as the Amalfi Coast in the surroundings of Naples. The popular quarter Sanità with its contrasts and sceneries reminding of films of Italian Neorealism. An old baroque styled palace next to a car repair shop next to a small barber's shop young Neapolitans go to for the latest hairstyles. Half a thousand churches, of which some have been secularized and are now used as libraries or galleries for example.

In Naples one breaths history at almost every corner, starting with the Greek settlement almost three thousand years ago, which gave Naples its name and whose marks can still be found in the city, for instance in the huge underground world with catacombs, tunnels, aqueducts and cisterns.

The old saying ›See Naples and die‹ may sound a bit over the top, but for sure Naples is always worth a visit.

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