Gay Saunas in Naples

As elsewhere in Italy, a membership card is required for all gay saunas in Naples. Often that is the ARCO (Anddos) card. If you don't have an ARCO card yet, you can usually acquire it at the entrance of the venues that require the card. (5 € for three months, 17 € for one year.) When you acquire the card you need to show your photo ID, after that you only need the membership card.

Daily 13:00 – 20:00/22:00

The entrance of the sauna is very discreet and first-timers may need directions: it is located on the groundfloor of the block which goes from Via Giovanni Porzio parallel to Via Taddeo da Sessa. Access is either from Metro station Centro Direzionale through the business quarter or (probably easier for a first visit) from the central station or Metro station Garibaldi via the small staircase in Via Giovanni Porzio. The entrance to the sauna is the black iron door with a small label Sauna.

Admission: ~ 17 €
@ Centro Direzionale Isola A/7
Naples 80143
Metro: Garibaldi, Centro Direzionale