Bilbao Accommodation Tips

Prices on this page indicate the approx. range throughout the year (per night and room for 1-2 people). During trade fairs or large events rates may be significantly higher.

Guesthouse. **, from 50 €
Individually decorated rooms, inspired by Basque culture.
Located in the historical center of Bilbao, very close to most of the gay and LGBT-friendly bars and clubs and surrounded by many restaurants and Pintxo bars.
@ Dorre Kalea 2 (Calle de la Torre)
Bilbao 48005
Metro: Zazpikaleak/Casco Viejo
Hotel. ****, from 65 €
Uber-modern design hotel in the Old Town of Bilbao.
English, German, Spanish and Basque speaking staff at the front desk.
Raving guest reviews.
@ Erribera Kalea 13 (Calle de la Ribera)
Bilbao 48005
Metro: Zazpikaleak/Casco Viejo
Hotel. ****, from 70 €
Artsy boutique hotel created by fashion designer Antonio Miró. Located right between the Guggenheim Museum and the Museo de Bellas Artes.
@ Mazarredo Zumarkalea 77 (Alameda Mazarredo)
Bilbao 48009
Metro: Moyua