Leipzig Gay Travel Guide 2014

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|  25 October 2014
Pop Circuit – Gay Festival of Pop: 5 DJs (Saeed Ali and Kevin Neon among others) on 3 areas, dance acts, live vocalist, fire show and more.
Tickets: 10–15 €
From 22:00 @ Städtisches Kaufhaus (Am Neumarkt 9, inner courtyard) [ Map - Pop Circuit – Gay Festival of Pop @ Städtisches Kaufhaus ]
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About Leipzig and its gay life

Leipzig is much less well-known among international travellers and tourists than Dresden, Leipzig's big rival in Saxony. Wrongly, we think. (And so does The New York Times which voted for Leipzig as one of the 31 Places to Go in 2010.)

Leipzig has less glamour and pomp from centuries ago, but the enterprising spirit of the city and its people gave Leipzig a multi-faceted look: factories and residential areas from the so-called ›Gründerzeit‹ period (Wilhelminian style), a famous and beautiful zoological garden, restored buildings with Art Nouveau elements, first-class musical offers and traditions, the new modern and attractive fairground, the tradition of the peaceful demonstrations in 1989, Europe's oldest coffeehouse, Leipzig's green belt ›Auenwald‹ etc. etc.

Fortunately, Leipzig had been less exposed to the mistakes of the modernisation of the 1950s and 1960s than similar cities in West Germany. But unfortunately, the lack of investments in the maintenance of Leipzig's older residential buildings had resulted in a critical state by the end of the communist period in 1989. The new freedom had been used quickly, and the results of huge investments can already be seen throughout the city while you will still see declining streets and areas. But with the right care Leipzig might soon become one of the most attractive cities in Germany.

If you like to explore a city and discover interesting and beautiful things by strolling around in the streets, then Leipzig is your city.

Leipzig Gay Pride (CSD)

Being very close to Berlin (1-2 hours) with its huge gay scene, there is not much room left for a big and diversified gay scene in Leipzig. Yet, parties like PonyClub show that the guys in Leipzig don't hide but are part of the city life.

With few exceptions, the gay scene in Leipzig is in the center of the city and of its night life. As you can see on our map, Leipzig doesn't have sort of a gay area. But most of the gay bars and clubs are located within or close to the ring that encloses the city center, and they can all be reached easily within a few minutes.