Alicante Accommodation Tips

Prices on this page indicate the approx. range throughout the year (per night and room for 1-2 people). During trade fairs or large events rates may be higher.

Guesthouse. From 60 €
Modern, air-conditioned rooms in minimalist style. Located in the Old Town of Alicante, next to the Museum of Contemporary Art (MACA) and close to the Postiguet Beach.
@ C. Villavieja 5
Alicante 03002
Apartments. From 80 €
Modern apartment hotel in the very center of Alicante, close to the Mercat Central and only 10 minutes to walk to the Postiguet Beach.
@ C. Bazán 47
Alicante 03001
Apartments. From 80 €
Modern, air-conditioned apartments in the center of Alicante.
@ Carrer Llauradors 24
Alicante 03002
Hotel. ****, from 85 €
New small hotel in the center of Alicante close to the Postiguet Beach.
Air-conditioned rooms with cinema-inspired décor.
@ C. Gravina 5
Alicante 03002