Copenhagen Accommodation Tips

Prices on this page indicate the approx. range throughout the year (per night and room for 1-2 people). During trade fairs or large events rates may be higher.

Hostel. From 110 DKK
Trendy hostel in the center of Copenhagen close to the central railway station.
With double rooms and dormitory rooms, a bar, billiard lounge, laundry room and more.
@ Colbjørnsensgade 5-11
Copenhagen 1652
Hostel. From 140 DKK
New big and modern hostel and hotel in the center of Copenhagen.
With double rooms and dormitory rooms, lounge areas, gym room and indoor swimming pool.
@ Herholdtsgade 6
Copenhagen 1605
Hotel. **, 500–1700 DKK
Modern budget hotel close to the historical center of Copenhagen.
Small rooms, some with view over the city.
@ Borgergade 9
Copenhagen 1300
Metro: Kongens Nytorv, Nørreport
Hotel. ****, from 800 DKK
Spa hotel in the center of Copenhagen, close to the Tivoli and the central railway station.
@ Helgolandsgade 11
Copenhagen 1653