Gay Clubs, Parties and Events in Florence

Important note: Due to the Corona epidemic, many places are closed, events have been cancelled and opening hours may change. Please check the websites and Facebook pages of the respective places, organizers etc. for the latest information.

Saturday 24:00 – 05:00
Weekly Pop and Commercial party for LGBTs and friends.
The club is situated in the historic center of Florence, close to the Piazza della Signoria.
Admission: 10-15 €, incl. 1-2 drinks
@ Full Up Via della Vigna Vecchia 23/25/r
Florence 50122

Wednesday-Friday 22:00 – 03:00; Saturday 22:00/23:00 – 04:00/05:00; Sunday 16:00/21:00 – 01:00
Gay cruising and dance club. About 15 km outside of Florence, but due to the convenient parking opportunities close to the club guys come here from the whole area between Florence and Pisa.
Check the Fabrik website for the program and (un)dresscodes.
Some Saturday nights with guest parties such as Xtra, Men2Men and Bear Troops.
Admission: ~10–15 €, incl. 1-2 drinks.

Bus 2 from Florence, Piazza della Stazione, to Calenzano, Puccini Di Prato/Ponte alla Marina. Takes 40 min + 10 min to walk. From approx. 06:00 till 24:00, timetables at
Train Firenze–Prato (daytime only): Calenzano station (rear exit, 100 metres to the club).
@ Via del Lavoro 19 (in Calenzano)
Florence 50041 Calenzano