Gay Bars in Hamburg

Important note: Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, some places might be closed or opening hours may have changed. Please check the websites and Facebook pages of the respective venues for the latest information.

Small cosy gay bar in the St. Georg quarter.
Drinks, cocktails and wines.
@ St. Georg, Danziger Straße 63
Hamburg 20099
U + S: Hauptbahnhof

Reopening Saturday 5 June 2021, 11:00
Small LGBT-friendly pub in the city center of Hamburg.
Smoking bar.
@ Mohlenhofstraße 3
Hamburg 20095
U: Mönckebergstraße, Steinstraße

Small gay bar in St. Georg, with various events, parties and shows, among others, Bingo events and quiz shows.
@ St. Georg, Danziger Straße 51
Hamburg 20099
U + S: Hauptbahnhof

Small simple gay pub. Clientele mainly local regulars, mixed ages.
@ St. Georg, Zimmerpforte 1
Hamburg 20099
U + S: Hauptbahnhof

Reopened June 2021
Stylish cocktail cafe-bar with mixed clientele.
@ St. Georg, Lange Reihe 81
Hamburg 20099
U + S: Hauptbahnhof

Reopening approx. June 2021
Small gay bar in the St. Georg quarter.
Clientele mainly local regulars and hustlers.
@ St. Georg, Bremer Reihe 20
Hamburg 20099
U + S: Hauptbahnhof

LGBT-friendly bar with popular street terrace.
@ St. Georg, Lange Reihe 82
Hamburg 20099
U + S: Hauptbahnhof

Big ›hetero-friendly‹ gay bar, with cosy booth seating.
Usually very crowded at Friday and Saturday night.
@ St. Georg, Lange Reihe 22
Hamburg 20099
U + S: Hauptbahnhof

Queer-inclusive ice-cream and cocktail bar.
The bar plays primarily House and Techno music.
@ Karolinenstraße 6
Hamburg 20357
U: Messehallen

Small basement bar in St. Georg.
@ St. Georg, Zimmerpforte 2
Hamburg 20099
U + S: Hauptbahnhof

Simple gay basement bar in St. Georg. Clientele mainly local regulars.
@ Rostocker Straße 14
Hamburg 20099
U + S: Hauptbahnhof, U: Lohmühlenstraße

The lesbian and gay pub in the St. Pauli quarter.
Clientele mainly in their 20s and 30s.
@ St. Pauli, Clemens-Schultz-Straße 43
Hamburg 20359
U: St. Pauli; S: Reeperbahn

Terrace reopened May 2021; daily 18:00 – 23:00; Bar reopening 4 June
Gay party bar in the red-light district St. Pauli.
Music: Charts and German Schlager.
Very crowded at weekends. Clientele mainly in their 20s and 30s.
@ St. Pauli, Talstraße 14
Hamburg 20359
S: Reeperbahn