Gay Clubs, Parties and Events in Madrid

Gay clubs in Madrid usually don't get busy within the first 2-3 hours of their regular opening hours, but then they are often crowded and packed till closing.
Note for budget travellers: Entrance fees often include 1 drink of your choice. To save money you could use the voucher for the more expensive drink you plan to have during the night. Also, flyers or passes can save you about 3 € entrance fee and can be found in gay bars, cafes and shops.

New parties come and go very frequently in Madrid, sometimes almost weekly. We try to keep track of the main parties on this page, but if you are into the newest parties, keep your eyes open for posters in the Chueca area.

Important note: Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, some places might be closed or opening hours may have changed. Please check the websites and Facebook pages of the respective venues for the latest information.

Gay party in the center of Madrid.
Pop and Commercial remixes.
Admission: ~15-18 €, incl. 1 drink
@ El Principito C. de Cedaceros 7
Madrid 28014
Metro: Sevilla

Reopened June 2021; Thursday 22:00 – 03:00
House and Pop party with resident DJ Juseph León.
Located in a small side-street between Chueca and the city center.
Admission: 15 €, incl. 1 drink (free entry before 23:00)
@ Republik Club C. Puebla 6
Madrid 28004
Metro: Gran Vía

Bears-friendly Disco and Pop party in Chueca, with two dancefloors.
Best after 03:00.
Admission: 10-15 €, incl. 1-2 drinks
@ Plaza de Pedro Zerolo 2
Madrid 28004
Metro: Gran Vía, Chueca

Gay club in the center of Madrid. Mixed and rather young clientele.
Friday night Pop party Ultrapop, Saturday night Sassy.
Admission: 12-15 €, incl. 1-2 drinks
@ C. Tetuán 27/Plaza del Carmen
Madrid 28013
Metro: Gran Vía, Sol, Callao

Reopening July 2021; Friday, Saturday 21:30 – 03:00
Pop, Charts, Commercial, Reggeaton.
Mixed clientele, mainly in their 20s and 30s.
Often with long (and slow) queues.
@ Pirandello C. Ventura Rodríguez/C. Martín de los Heros
Madrid 28008
Metro: Plaza de España

Reopened 2021; daily 21:30 – 03:00
With shows and mixed, rather young clientele.
@ C. de Pelayo 59
Madrid 28004
Metro: Chueca

Reopened June 2021; Sunday 22:00 – 03:00
Weekly gay party with resident DJ Daniel Karman and guest DJs, gogo dancers and performances.
Admission: 20 €
@ Republik Club C. Puebla 6
Madrid 28004
Metro: Gran Vía

Reopening September 2021; Saturday 24:30 – 06:00
Next party: 4 September 2021
One of the biggest and most popular gay parties in Madrid, especially with guys in their 30s. Circuit-style, shirts-off-friendly.
Admission: 15-18 €, incl. 1 drink
@ Chango C. de Covarrubias 42
Madrid 28010
Metro: Alonso Martinez, Bilbao

Reopening summer 2021
@ C. Trujillos 7
Madrid 28013
Metro: Callao, Santo Domingo, Opera, Sol

Weekly party for gays and friends in the center of Madrid.
Pop and Charts.
Admission: 10-12 €, incl. 1 drink
@ Discoteca Velvet C. de Jacometrezo 6
Madrid 28013
Metro: Callao, Santo Domingo