Gay Clubs, Parties and Events in Rome

Keep in mind that most of the gay clubs and parties in Rome have closed in summer, usually from July to mid-September.

Upcoming Irregular Parties

Regular Parties and Clubs ↓

Friday, 20 September 2019, 23:00 – 04:00
Weekly summer party with DJs, drag show, food and more.
Free entry.
@ LARGO Via Biordo Michelotti 2
Rome 00176

Saturday, 21 September 2019, 24:00 – 04:00
Bi-monthly Pop party. Mixed clientele.
ARCI or ARCIGAY membership card required.
Difficult to get there without a car or taxi.
Admission: 8 €
@ Monk Via Giuseppe Mirri 35
Rome 00159

Saturday, 28 September 2019, 23:30 – 10:30
Monthly gay party with international guest DJ, followed by the weekly after-hours party Frutta e Verdura in the same club (from 04:30). With big outdoor terrace.
Far off in the south of Rome and difficult to get there without a car or taxi.
@ Frutta e Verdura Via di Santa Passera 27
Rome 00146

Regular Parties and Clubs

Saturday 24:00 – 05:00 (mid-October – May)
Large gay and lesbian party on 3 dancefloors: Commercial, Remixes, R'n'B, House. (Plus one separate room for women only.)
Biggest regular gay Saturday night in Rome. Sometimes long queues to get in.
Admission: 15-17 €, incl. 1 drink
@ Via del Commercio 36
Rome 00134
Metro: Piramide

Saturday 21:30/22:00 – 04:00/05:00 (mid-June – mid-September)
New weekly LGBT open-air summer party in the south of Rome.
Admission: 15 €, incl. 1 drink
@ Viale di Val Fiorita, La Bibliotechina
Rome 00144
Train: EUR Magliana

Friday 23:30 – 05:00 (October – May)
Big dance palace, off the city center of Rome, with several dancefloors, bars and lounge nooks spread over 3 floors. Music mainly Pop, Commercial, remixes.
Muccassassina started as a gay party, but soon became very popular with both gay and straight young and trendy party people. Hence, often long queue at the entrance already from 23:00 (and later at the coat checks as well).
Admission: ~16-20 €, incl. 1 small drink
@ Via di Portonaccio 212

Saturday night 22:00 – 04:00 (June – September)
Weekly open-air party in the south of Rome with shows, gogos and DJs (House and Pop).

Admission: 15 €, incl. 1 drink
@ EUR, Viale dell'Agricoltura
Rome 00144

Sunday morning 04:30 – 10:30
After-hours club with resident DJ Nino Scarico.
With bar, dancefloor, cruising area and outdoor terrace.
Mixed gay, transsexual and straight crowd.
Far away from the city center and difficult to get there without a car or taxi.
Admission: 15 € (+ membership card E.N.T.E.S.)
@ Via di Santa Passera 27
Rome 00146