Gay Clubs, Parties and Events in Sitges

from 02:30
Gay club with a rather young clientele. Music: Commercial remixes.
Busiest after 03:30 when the other bars are closed.
Admission: 10-15 €, incl. 1 drink
@ C. Bonaire 12
Sitges 08870

In the season daily 22:00 02:30/03:00, otherwise Thursday/Friday-Saturday
Gay music bar with shows and dancefloor.
@ C. Bonaire 24
Sitges 08870

In the season daily, otherwise Friday-Saturday, 22:30 02:30/03:00
Usually well-frequented music bar with dancefloor and drag shows.
@ C. Bonaire 17
Sitges 08870

If you are more into big city nightlife, you can also go to the gay clubs in Barcelona (just 30 minutes by train or car from Sitges).