Gay Clubs, Parties & Events in Torremolinos

Many clubs and discotheques in Torremolinos make seasonal changes to their opening days and hours. The times given on this page are therefore to be understood only as a rough guide. Some clubs gradually expand their opening days from 1-2 days at the weekend in winter to daily in summer.

Upcoming Irregular Parties

Tuesday, 31 December 2019
Gay New Year's party with DJ Juseph León, Nahuel Ortiz and Efrat Naaman (Tel Aviv).
@ Centuryon Calle Casablanca 15
Torremolinos 29620

Regular Parties and Clubs

Friday and Saturday night till 07:00 (in summer more nights, up to daily)
Dance club with big cruising areas.
Music: House and Commercial remixes.
Mixed ages and tribes. Shirts-off-friendly.
Admission: 10-15 €, incl. 1 drink
@ La Nogalera
Torremolinos 29620

(Friday and) Saturday night till 07:00
Music: Pop and Charts.
@ La Nogalera
Torremolinos 29620

(Usually) Saturday night 02:00 – 07:00
Big dance club for gays and friends.
Commercial remixes and mainstream Techno.
Gets busy usually quite late (after the nearby bars have closed).
Admission: from 10 €, incl. 1 drink
@ Calle Casablanca 15
Torremolinos 29620

In the season daily, from ~22:00
Big modern music bar with terrace and small dancefloor.
Music: Pop and Commercial.
Very popular at the weekend. Rather young and middle-aged clientele.
@ La Nogalera, l. 203
Torremolinos 29620