Platja de l'Arbre del Gos

South of Valencia there is another miles long beach from the village of Pinedo down to Saler and beyond. On the first kilometres with promenades for pedestrians and bicyclists, incl. beach restaurants and sanitary facilities.

This beach is much quieter than the city beach up north, but it also takes a bit longer to reach the beach. If you don't have a bicycle (tip!) or a car, you can take the bus number 24 and 25.

The gay beach section is situated about half-way between Pinedo and Saler, next to an abandoned factory site behind the dunes. (In 2020, the only leftover of the factory was the tall chimney stack – which can be seen afar and used to easily find the gay beach.)
The closest bus stop to the gay beach section is 'Carrera del Riu – Coll Vert' (lines 24 and 25).

@ between Pinedo and El Saler
Bus 24, 25